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All-round Recruitment Nationwide

To provide a better research and learning platform for professionals in special PV materials and auxiliary materials
All are welcome


Account Director/Major Customer Manager/Customer Manager/ Sales Representative
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Application Support

Customer Service and Application Support Manager/Director
Application Support Engineer
Sales Engineer
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Technical Manager/Technical Director/Process Engineer (Jintan, Changzhou)
Equipment Manager/Equipment Director/Equipment Engineer (Jintan, Changzhou)
Electrochemistry/Applied Chemistry Engineer (Jintan, Changzhou)
Metal Heat Treatment/Metal Processing/Metal Material Engineer (Jintan, Changzhou)
R&D Director/R&D Manager/R&D Engineer (Jintan, Changzhou)
Mechanical Engineer (Jintan, Changzhou)
Electrical Engineer (Jintan, Changzhou)

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Business Category

Secretary to General Manager (Jintan, Changzhou)
Business Manager/Account Aging Analysis and Risk Control Specialist (Jintan, Changzhou)
Procurement Director/Engineer (Jintan, Changzhou)
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Management Category

Production Director/Production Manager (Jintan, Changzhou)
Human Resources Director/Human Resources Manager (Jintan, Changzhou)
Legal Director/Legal Manager (Jintan, Changzhou)
Financial Director/Financial Manager (Jintan, Changzhou)
IT Manager/IT Engineer (Jintan, Changzhou)
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