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FD-G Reflective Isomeric Ribbon: An All-Round Alternative to Traditional Flat Ribbon

  • 100% substitution of conventional ribbon: plug and play, no EVA thickening required/no lamination time extending required, and usage, productivity and yield rate similar to conventional flat ribbon
  • Fundant reflective isomeric ribbon substituting conventional flat ribbon: equivalent to 0.2% increasing in battery conversion efficiency
  • The patented diagonal design produces a complete match between the actual power generation and the nominal power gain

FD-S Reflective Isomeric Ribbon: Ultimate Solution for Ribbon Shading Problem

  • Take using FD-S to replace 5BB 0.9*0.25mm traditional flat ribbon (shading area accounts for nearly 2.8% of module surface area) for example. The FD-S increase module power output by more than 2%. Clients just need to add section identification of ribbon on the existing stringer
  • After taking material cost, equipment investment, productivity and component efficiency improvement into consideration, the cost performance of FD-S outperforms competitive technology paths (back contact, ribbon taping, smart wire, etc)

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